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EPIP industrial heritage programme

East Peak Industrial Treescapes

Our local, historic woodlands are seen as peaceful places where people go to escape the bustle of modern life. However, a hundred years ago the scene would have been very different. These were working woodlands providing timber, charcoal, oak bark, birch brooms, potash and a whole range of other products needed to supply local industries. Although the woodlands are now much quieter, in some places it is still possible to see traces of their former industrial uses by examining the woodland's history, archaeology and ecology.

The aim of the Industrial Treescapes Project was to increase local awareness of the importance of former industrial woodlands in the East Peak area. The project was run by the South Yorkshire Biodiversity Research Group, who worked with local volunteers to help them explore and map some of the region's former industrial treescapes. Over a period of 6 months (between September 2011 and March 2012) they ran training workshops for local groups, including hands-on survey work at a number of sites in the Silkstone and Wharncliffe areas. 


The programme recorded a number of previously unknown features, including charcoal pits and other industrial remains, which will add to our knowledge of these important, but often overlooked, industrial landscapes. The project also produced a free resource pack that can be used by other groups who want to find out more about the historic woodlands in their local areas. The pack can be downloaded from the ukeconet website here

 For more information abut this project and the South Yorkshire Biodiversity Research Group please visit their website.

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