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EPIP industrial heritage programme

Links to local groups and projects

Wortley Top Forge

Wortley Top Forge is a preserved 17th century water-powered forge, which is currently run as a private museum (owned by the South Yorkshire Industrial History Society). The site is run by volunteers and is open to visitors on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays throughout the summer. For more information please visit the Wortley Top Forge website.

South Yorkshire Industrial History Society

The South Yorkshire Industrial History Society was established in 1933 and has played an important role in Industrial Heritage activities across South Yorkshire ever since. The Society owns a number of industrial heritage sites, including Wortley Top Forge, Rockley Furnace and the Hoylandswaine Nail Forge. They also hold regular lectures and other events (inclduing guided walks) within the area. For more information please visit the Society's website.

The Society also has a Facebook page with photographs and updates about their recent activties. 

Roggins Local History Group

Based in Silkstone, the Roggins Local History group have spent many years researching the history of the Silkstone area, an area associated with (amongst other things) early glass making, coal mining and iron working. They are also responsible for managing the Silkstone Waggonway project, which has included everything from researching and producing information boards and walk leaflets to practical restoration and reconstructions of the Silkstone Waggonway (an early horse-drawn railway that runs between Cawthorne and Silkstone Common). For more information please visit the Roggins website.


Bradfield Walkers are Welcome

The Bradfield 'Walkers are Welcome' group have produced a number of guided walks around the southern part of the East Peak area, many of which highlight the area's varied industrial heritage, including its reservoirs, metal working, mining and quarrying histories. For more details, and to browse their guided walks on-line, please visit the Bradfield Walkers are Welcome website.

Denby Dale Walkers are Welcome

The Denby Dale Walkers are Welcome group have produced a series of guided walks around the Denby Dale Parish, many of which highlight the area's varied industrial heritage, including its railways and transport networks, tanning, quarrying, mineral extraction and textile histories. For more details, and to browse their  walks on-line, please visit the Denby Dale Walkers are Welcome website.

Thurgoland Local History Group 

The Thurgoland Local History group have recently published a book about the history of the Thurgoland area, an important centre for the iron working and wire drawing industries, based on a collection of over a thousand photographic glass slides (taken by local photographer Fred Downing between 1898 and 1948). For more information please visit the Thurgoland Local History group website

Sheffield Community Heritage Forum

The Sheffield Community Heritage Forum supports community groups involved in all aspects of heritage within Sheffield and the surrounding area. They run a mailing list with regular updates about heritage events in the region, and hold regular update meetings. For more information please visit the Sheffield Community Heritage Forum website



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